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Nice site...a bit dark but overall not bad. It appears that your group has some experience in the PI but you guys are still amatuers. All kidding aside I have been traveling there for 16 years now. Three girlfriends and 1 filipina wife later I will be remarrying in Sept. You will not find your wife to be in a bar or thru the mail or on a web site. The true blue filipinas are in the provinces and barrios far of the beaten track and are difficult to get to...difficult to get on a date and impossible to get into bed until a long term relationship is established. Best of will need it...I've seen a lot of heartache and very little success from many who have tried!

Hi ya! I was very much intertained with the pictures your website has shown...I haven't yet encountered website with lots of pics like yours,incredible ! Who ever will drop by will indeed be so much intrigue to see themselves these Philipine Islands. Myself originally from the Philippines indeed appreciates the kind of publicity you've done in behalf of your personal interests and of the Philippines itself .Well done !

Yeah, you are right in saying that your web site predominantly caters to men. In my opinion, your site emphasizes more on what and how a good life constitute or must be enjoyed in my country. And women are part of the exploitation or shall I call it an icing on a cake? The reason why it attracts men than women. I believe that people from all over the world, regardless of gender, knows how to appreciate the beauty of a country, let them explore it. Tourists can appreciate more when they visit my country and discover that we have more things to offer, our humane spirit.

Hello there! Saw your website. Glad to know that many people in the part of the world are fond of Filipinas. Aside from our exquisite charm, we are, I believe, down to earth and always have a cheerful outlook in life, and we care a lot, too. It's more than what you expect from a Filipina. And yes, Philippines has one of the best diving spot in the world, a real beauty to nature. I am a Filipina, 29 years old and a psychiatrist by profession. I've been to some parts of the world, US, Singapore, Denmark and Hongkong and it's always nice to know the culture of these countries. Yet, I can never trade Philippines for its splendor and beauty, plus the warmest of the people.You look handsome in the picture. Good day!

This website is highly offensive and demeaning not only towards the Filipinos, but to all women in general. You are promoting sex tours. All you'll get is a bunch of sexually frustrated men and con them into hiring prostitutes. Why don't you take them to the ones in your country? I bet you got lots there, too. Does the word PIMP ring a bell? I think The Department of Foreign Affairs of The Philippines, headed by Senator Siazon and The Department of Tourisim, headed by secretary Gemma Cruz Araneta will like viewing this site. Don't worry. The most you will get will be "Persona Non Grata". Do you know what it means? It means that you will be an undesirable and you won't be able to get into the Philippines, unless, of course, you get a sex change. Catherine Morandi

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